Facebook offers live chat support & tools against spam

Facebook to Offer Live Chat Support + Tools to Fend off Spam

Here’s some HUGE news for you! If you’re a Facebook user and also a Facebook business page admin: Facebook will be providing support on Messenger as well and tools against spam admirers. This is a major shift in the Facebook strategy of just having a platform for customer service.

Facebook’s conference showed that the company is starting to get serious about helping creators make money and manage their pages more easily.

The app also includes an analytics feature called Insights, which tracks metrics like post reach and video watch time, that you can use to plan your content strategy. Though this feature is still in beta, it will be interesting to see whether it is integrated into Facebook’s Creator Studio when the latter finally launches later this year.

Facebook has already been testing various Creator tools with select users, such as live chat support for those who have been locked out of their accounts. This will be a welcome change for Creators who want to get help from Facebook staff during the day instead of having to contact them after hours via email or phone.

Facebook will be providing a live chat support feature and troubleshooting support to Facebook Live streamers in the U.S. who don’t already have a relationship manager assigned to them by Facebook.

**The company is also expanding its video review process for potentially harmful content. With this update, here’s how to avoid spam scams in Facebook and Instagram.

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