Get A Social Media Team For Your Business

Get A Social Media Team For Your Business

Today’s world is full of fast paced communication through the various online social media outlets. Most people interact with a brand on social media, and what many companies don’t realise, is that effective social media management IS a full-time job!

The Benefits of Having a Social Media Manager

Managing multiple accounts can be challenging and it may not be a one-person show. You may have great products and services, BUT if you can’t answer all your enquiries on time, potential customers will be left waiting, and not all people are willing to wait. You need someone or a team who can respond on time, everytime!


If you are not there to grab their attention, are you really there at all? Content marketing with consistency is one of the best strategies in building your brand’s online presence. All posts must be fresh, brand-aligned, useful, engaging and goal-oriented. Content should be scheduled at the time your target audience is active, and that’s the best time to build engagement.

Time in Building the Business of your dreams

How much time does posting, engaging with potential customers, answering queries, and working out which keywords and topics to us, is going to get you the most reach each day?

This can actually take up your whole day – when you should be focussing on growing your business and being innovative. You should be working on your business, knowing that your social media is well taken care of.

Our Team at The Pink Room, can help your business by providing a creative and effective presence online through branding and community-building activities. Book your Discovery Call today!