Boost Your Email Marketing

How To Boost Your Email Marketing

Email marketing isn’t dead! 

Due to the rise of social media and push notifications, marketers have been pressured into thinking they should only use email for sales. BUT email marketing also has some unique and powerful qualities that should not be overlooked. Remember – you OWN your email list – you don’t own your social media.  

Here are some few tips to boost your open rates;

Reconstruct your list

You need to ensure proper targeting, so its imperative that you clean up your list! 

Make sure any of your content CTA’s are designed to always be adding potential clients to your mailing list. Simply remove subscribers who haven’t opened up an email within the last 12 months and instead focus on the subscribers that do engage with your campaigns. It’s important to regularly update and clean up your email list, and make sure you remove the addresses that haven’t engaged with your content in a long time.

Revamp your timing

 “Don’t assume that all business people will respond between 9-5 on weekdays,” says Nancy Gerstein, CEO, Creative Marketing Associates. When scheduling your emails, make sure you schedule them based on the correct time zones. Timely messages are always winning! Once you know your target audience you will know when is the best time to send those emails. 

Hook your readers in with a grabbing Subject-Line

The subject line of your email needs to be compelling. It’s your opportunity to win (or lose!) potential customers. It needs to be clear, and it needs to be brief. Ensure it’s on point and try to avoid jaron and any “fluffy” words. People won’t spend time reading a long boring subject line. And you can be sure, if they do, they won’t bother reading what’s in the email if the subject line isn’t enticing enough. 

Providing relevant messages to your target audience can encourage higher open and click-through rates, and fewer unsubscribes.

Hope these few tips help you boost your email marketing. 

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