How To Create Content that Converts: 5 Step Guide

How To Create Content that Converts: 5 Step Guide

You’re probably here because you love Instagram. And why not? The IG community is creative and engaged, both of which are especially good for your brand. And, engagement on Instagram (regardless of the platform) is superior to engagement on other channels.

Most marketers know that consistent, high-quality content creation is the key to brand growth. But constantly creating incredible content isn’t easy, and it doesn’t happen without guidelines to make sure that you color in between the lines. 

Here are the elements of high converting content;

Keeping the Audience Intent 

What’s Audience Intent, you ask? It’s the reason why someone conducts a specific search. It is normal to assume that when you do a search, it is always for one purpose and this is true most of the time. However, sometimes, people conduct a search when they don’t actually know what they want to find. This happens more often than you think.

Who you Help & How 

As a marketer, you never want to write content because you feel like you have to. You wouldn’t go to work if you “had to”, so don’t do content marketing the same way. Instead, understand the problems your audience has and provide content that solves it.

  • gain more followers/ what transformation they can expect?
  • increase sales/ how does your solution bring them to their goal?
  • gain customers/ what benefits they will see? 

Captivating Headline or Hook

Keep in mind that you should have a grabbing headline to get attention. The first 120 characters matter in your Instagram Caption.


Mobile Friendly Content

Remember that the audience has a Short Attention Span. Digital population owns and consumes most of their content via a smartphone–making sure the image and caption should be snappy, catchy and easy to digest. 

  • Structure- Avoid creating captions in one huge paragraph. Use line breaks or emojis to break your paragraphs. 
  • Share- value or the main sharing of topics. 
  • Bridge- the hype in giving solutions to their pain points. 
  • CTA- Have two CTA’s as much as possible. One is for the short term and the second is for the long term. 

Example: Short term: DM me! Double tap if you agree! 

Example: Long term: Ready to take action? Click the link in my BIO and let’s build the business of your dreams!

Image and Keyword Research Optimisation

ALT tags are an oft-overlooked SEO factor – but it’s best to add alt tags to all of your images. Google states that “when choosing alt text, focus on creating useful, information-rich content that uses keywords appropriately and is in context of the content of the page.”

Choosing the right keywords for your content is a balancing act. If you select too broad of a keyword, your content will be seen as unhelpful by your audience. But selecting too specific of a keyword might lead to poor search rankings.

Fortunately, there’s a better way that doesn’t involve hours of aimless searching. 

You can use “Keywords Everywhere” added to your Chrome. 

Here’s one example;

Image and Keyword Research Optimisation

Content pillars, social media strategies, simplified digital marketing strategy, whatever you call them, you need to work from a solid foundation when it comes to your content. Each pillar–or any other general elements–define the high converting content you can create. 

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