How To Simplify Your Digital Marketing Strategy

How To Simplify Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

It seems after the crazy year we’ve had we are all tightening our belts, getting rid of what doesn’t serve us anymore, many businesses have pivoted and are moving forward. Many businesses have restructured their marketing and reduced overall spend with outside partners. 

So we’ve put together 3 ways to simplify your approach to managing your digital marketing strategies.

  1. Identify what needs to be done now – PRIORITISE

It’s important to focus on the things that should be done now. Forget the tasks that have a month timeline, focus on doing the tasks with a 1 to 3 day timeline. Make sure that marketing tools are in place so you can determine if your tactics are working.

          2. Create a Digital Marketing Calendar

You can help your team and in turn your business by creating a calendar. You can include any important dates, and this ensures you all know what to expect each week. Whether you are launching a new campaign, planning to post content, or doing any kind of advertising, a marketing calendar is a must!

          3. Delegate

Do less, delegate more (my mantra!) Set realistic goals and allow your team members to be responsible for their own tasks. Make sure that tasks given are manageable. Once tasks are delegated, your marketing manager (which could be you if you’re a small biz) has the time to discuss any strategies and what might need to be improved. 

Keep in mind that businesses vary, so by understanding your teams’ strengths and weaknesses, your goal setting and manageable strategies will go a long way. So what are you waiting for? Follow us for more tips!