How to Use the Search & Explore Pages in Your Instagram

How to Use the Search & Explore Pages in Instagram

Have you checked out Instagram’s new search and explore pages yet? While it may be hard to keep up with all of the changes on the photo-sharing platform, this new search and explore functionality is one change you shouldn’t ignore. It’s basically the most important change to the site since its launch, and it could make a big difference in how you use the site.

Instagram has finally placed a greater emphasis on search, and it’s not only advertisers that are benefiting from this. Here’s what the new search feature is, how to use it to improve your brand’s discoverability, and ways you can make full use of this searchable medium.

The latest update to Instagram makes it even easier to find good photos without ever having to click through to an account page. And while you still need to be following an account in order to view their content, this new feature means you can search for any keyword, regardless of whether it’s been tagged or not.

A Quick Introduction to Instagram’s Explore Page

TPR explore page

Using the Explore page has been a great way to learn about more accounts through hashtags, but even more recently it’s enabled users to search for individual keywords. Let’s walk you through everything available on the Explore page.

Top – Remember when you could only search for specific, popular hashtags and not just any keyword. Instagram is now changing that by introducing top results, which will allow you to find content on the basis of exact keywords.   

Accounts – There are times though when you stumble upon a profile of an individual, brand    or store and feel like this is not the right page and one thing you should first, try finding the target account using the search bar – account tab in your Instagram app.

Audio – Instagram is making it easier to find videos that use the same music. Audio search should make finding videos that use certain music clips easier on Instagram Reels. Tapping on results will take you to the song’s audio page where you will see reels that use it.

Tags – Of all the ways to discover photos on Instagram, searching by hashtag is still one of the absolute easiest. The feature is simple and easy to use. All you have to do is tap on the magnifying glass in the top right corner of your screen, type a hashtag into the search bar, press enter and voila! 

Places- When you travel to a new city and want to do some research on what interesting stops you could make while there, using Instagram search page under places is a great way to find tips, nearby amenities, or even a new restaurant—all right at your fingertips. 

How does the Instagram Explore page work?

The Explore page contains a selection of posts that Instagram thinks its users may be interested in based on the accounts they follow. The Explore page is made up of similar posts from accounts you haven’t discovered yet which are based on:

  • What accounts the user follows
  • What type of posts the user often interacts with
  • Posts with high engagement 

As a whole, Instagram’s algorithm is working behind the scenes to get content that it thinks that’ll suit your account. This feature is especially beneficial for brands, which can therefore reach more users and build new connections. 

So, how exactly does the algorithm prioritise some posts over others? According to some research, here are a few triggers that influence what appears on the Instagram Explore feed:

  • Follows and likes – high engagement, high chance to be posted in explore feed.
  • Content type – videos get more attention than static images.
  • Interaction-  do you typically like or comment on the poster’s posts?

Advantages of getting on the Explore page

So, why strive to get on the popular page on Instagram? First and foremost, it provides a bigger reach and exposure. According to Instagram statistics, 50% of all accounts on the platform check the page every month. Here are some more benefits:

  • Engagement surge on the post that got featured on the Explore page that leads to increasing brand awareness.
  • Exposure to a highly targeted audience who are likely to have an interest in your brand.
  • Boosting of organic followers who decided to explore your page besides the post that they found on the Explore page.
  • Higher conversion and sales with proper calls-to-action. 

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