Instagram Stories Highlights That Will Get Your Followers Involved

Instagram Stories Highlights That Will Get Your Followers Involved

You’ve probably heard it a few dozen times, but Instagram Stories Highlights are pretty important to businesses. There’s no question that the new feature plays an important role in showcasing , and promoting businesses. Because, really, there’s nothing better than being able to showcase your creative process. IG Stories Highlights don’t die so when your Instagram Stories come and go after 24 hours, your Highlights remain. Like your grid feed, Stories Highlights are always there to help tell the story of your brand. They will always be there, after all, we want people to interact and engage with our highlights.

Instagram lets you Archive and Highlight your favourite expired Stories

The next thing you need is Instagram stories. If you have just made an Instagram story, here’s how to add it your highlights:

  • Open Instagram and tap on your story.

Blog Highlights

  • Select Highlight in the lower-right corner of your screen.

Blog Highlights

  • Select the Highlight where you’d like to add this story.

Blog Highlights







  • Alternatively, you can select New to make a new Highlight. Name it and tap on “New” to add your story to the latest Highlight.

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Instagram Highlights Tips & Ideas

Taking time to strategize your Stories Highlights is nearly as important as taking the time planning out your grid and Instagram Stories. Because if done properly, truly, your Instagram Stories Highlights can be as important to new and existing audiences as any other component of your Instagram. 

Today we’re going over a few tips on how you can create Stories Highlights that serve your audience.

Focus on the important ones (stick to 5-7 highlights)

Highlights are a quick way to learn more information about you and your business.

Here are a couple Highlights ideas that can be included on your page:

  • Behind The Scenes
  • Reviews/ Testimonials
  • Products/ Services
  • Share inspiration or what you love
  • Brands’ Mission/ Goals 

Design brand cover highlights – use brand colours ideally

To ensure your profile has a cohesive look and in keeping with your brand voice, try including your brand kit in your Instagram highlights covers. Editing a Highlight Cover Photo is pretty straightforward, simply follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your Instagram Profile and select the Highlight who’s cover image you would like to edit.

Blog Highlights

  • In the bottom right corner, tap the 3 dot button that says “More.”

Blog Highlights

  • Tap “Edit Highlight”.

Blog Highlights

  • Tap “Edit Cover” near the top.

Blog Highlights

  • Select the photo you would like to use as a cover image from the Highlights or from your phone gallery. Use your fingers to zoom or reposition the part of the photo to be used as the cover.

Blog Highlights








Always update- delete the unnecessary old ones

It’s a good idea to update your Instagram stories every day. The latest, valuable moments of your brand should always be shared with your followers. By updating your stories regularly with different content, it gives you the opportunity to reach a wider audience.

The more engaging and interesting you are, the more likely it is that people will want to follow you. Your followers want daily updates; they don’t want to wait for days or weeks to see what you’ve been up to. It’s also important to delete unnecessary old stories in order that your followers can see the newest and most current events in your life.

In sum, for businesses, the benefits of using Instagram Stories Highlights is simple: interaction and engagement . Updates will always be there to help tell the story of your brand, you’ll always have a curated selection in case you want to switch out your highlights, and the best part is that your photos are saved on Instagram for those that want to look at them later.

Hope these few tips help you boost your Instagram engagement. 

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