Ways To Boost Engagement and Keep your Audience On Social Media

Ways To Boost Engagement and Keep your Audience On Social Media

There are multiple ways to drive engagement with your followers on social media. When connecting with your audience, you’re looking to build rapport that leads to strong recommendations and a positive experience. You want people coming to you through socials because they feel they already know you. Connecting on a personal level can boost engagement with your audience in multiple ways:

Focus on what you love (niche)

Be the go-to person for your niche and be the expert!

Your social media postings will be more interesting and engaging when your niche is narrowed down. Also, you can find a way to make your audience trust you more by letting them know that you have something in common with them. Connect by giving them educational and relatable content about your niche. For TPR, here’s what we got. 

Get personal and meaningful with your content distribution channel(s)

Everyone loves a good story and humans are naturally interested in other people. With regular content, your followers feel more connected to you and want to learn more about them. By sharing both the professional and the not-so-personal side of your life, you’ll strike a chord with your audience.

Create and share valuable content 

This includes the well coordinated caption and image as well. Always focus on providing conversation with your audience’ pain points and avoid being too salesy. They want solutions most of the time and something that values the community. Check the sample here.

Stay Reactive

It’s a two way – you’re being proactive by posting your content and starting the conversation but when you start answering direct messages, incoming mentions or replying to comments – that’s the time you’re being reactive. Keep response time speedy. Don’t blink an eye with these engagements and let your audience know that their feedback is appreciated.

Adding Sweet Extras

To know your audience well, you need to stay close and keep up the social conversations with them. The sweet little ‘extras’ can be a big thing for your engagement. Create IG polls, host an IG live, do IG quizzes and create an expert Q&A. You can add stickers that will enhance your Stories and Reels.

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