What’s the difference between Facebook and Instagram stories

What’s the Difference Between Facebook and Instagram Stories

Most of us have viewed stories from different social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Story content allows us to share our daily lives, our interests, or simply things that boost emotions. 

When I think of the relationship between Facebook and Instagram, I can only explain it something like a bit of sibling rivalry. So let’s start with a little background information. They’re both owned by the same company– Facebook is older and has a bigger audience while Instagram is arguably more likable on social networks. Instagram launched its first story feature in 2016 and noticing its popularity Facebook followed suit in 2017. 

Facebook Stories is another news feed feature of Facebook. It is more of a visual way of sharing cool videos and photos. When you create a Story on Facebook, just go to your profile and click Create Story. Either you want it live to record or simply adding your best photo or video. You can add text, location, a poll, and there are also awesome features including normal, video, boomerang, superzoom, and layout, that you might have a preference for. Filters are also available and there’s a lot to choose from! Be reminded that Facebook Stories last for 24 hours and you can revisit the stories you’ve shared in your Story archive.

On the other hand, Instagram Stories describes sharing the moments of your day in a slideshow format. In terms of posting, simply tap the camera button in the top left of your profile or swipe right anywhere from your Instagram Feed. This allows you to share multiple photos and videos. Unlike Facebook, Instagram offers a wide array of features such as boomerang, lay-out, level, superzoom, handsfree, multi-capture, and the newest which is the photobooth. Either way, once done, just tap the doodle, text, or sticker icons to add effects. Stickers include location, poll, and even music. Did you say filters? Yes! Instagram offers a bunch of awesome filters that you’ll love! You can browse filters on your effect gallery, choose filters depending on your mood, selfies, colour, light, funny surroundings, and a whole lot more! And, of course, these photos and videos will disappear after 24 hours. 

Nowadays, marketers have also become quite Story-savvy. From any social media platform, you can find several brands using Stories to publish content related to their industry, entertaining videos showcasing their services, how-to clips about their products, or even to display client testimonials. Since social media provides strong marketing opportunities it is great for businesses to post stories. 

With that said, Facebook has the most active and a bigger audience, while Instagram can drive tons of engagement and value – whether you are sharing a Story from your brand account or your account.

So that’s about it! Keep in mind, the world of social media changes daily, so this could change. Stay up to date with the happenings on social media by following The Pink Room.