Writing Secrets That Make Your Instagram Captions Stand Out

Writing Secrets That Make Your Instagram Captions Stand Out

Would you rather have a post on your feed that has a hashtag, or one with well-written captions? It’s definitely the latter, and for good reason. Instagram captions allow you to connect with your audience and give them an even closer look into aspects of your brand or personality.

The art of an Instagram caption excels where the brushstrokes of a painting or the stroke of a pen can’t. No matter what medium you use, you have the power to truly capture your audience’s attention. Captions give you an opportunity to fully express yourself publicly, which opens up new levels of engagement.

Picture this: You’ve only got a few seconds to grab someone’s attention so let’s plunge in! 

Add your Consistent Brand Voice

Have you ever thought about, ‘How do I make my Instagram captions sound unique?’ Your tone of voice is not as hard to develop as you might think. Keeping it within your brand’s style helps solidify that brand experience so find a strong and consistent tone of voice in crafting the right Instagram captions to use.  

For TPR it’s informative and friendly at the same time. 

Provide Context That has Value

Instagram captions are a great place to add important value for the user. This is one of the reasons people spend more time on this platform than other social media sites. Instagram rewards its users who add value so they can build community — in fact, it’s almost like a secret benefit of adding value within your Instagram captions… because it makes your posts more shareable (among other things). 

Here’s a sample of caption which is brief but still adds value to the Marketers/Marketing community. 

Relevant Images

A captivating photo with a bland caption will not engage your connections, or give insight into who you are. But an image that leaves room for interpretation yet says something inspiring or powerful can leave a lasting impression on any Instagram user who sees it.

For TPR, the humorous content goes well with a relatable caption. 

Write like a Human (Keep it brief)

The best caption in the world will fall upon deaf ears if it doesn’t hit home for the reader. To improve your chances of creating quality Instagram captions remember that authenticity matters most. You need a voice that feels welcoming, personable and brief. Use line breakers and emojis so it’s more readable that your audience is attracted until the end of it. 

The next time you are preparing to write a caption for your Instagram post, go ahead and do whatever you want – but also try to follow the advice above. Write to be searched and focused on quality posts and over time, there will be a small (or large) improvement in your organic engagement rate. Follow us @thepinkroom.com.au for more!