Tips To Make The Most Of Your Instagram Bio

Tips To Make The Most Of Your Instagram Bio

Just like your resume and cover letter, your Instagram profile should be a concise summary of who you are, and give potential followers an idea of what they can expect to find when they follow you. 

It’s easy to get excited about Instagram — after all, it’s a great way of presenting your business visually. However, your bio is still the first thing people see before following you and seeing a single photo. Building a great bio and using it to your advantage can help drive traffic, grow your followers and ultimately — increase sales.

Bright and Clear Profile Photo

Imagine how it would feel if your profile looked professionally made. How much better would it make you feel about your own account? 

Just upload a clear, bright and attractive photo of yourself, your logo/brand, whatever you like. It’ll look professional, and that speaks for itself. Let your audience know exactly who they are interacting with, and you’ll get more comments, more likes and ultimately more business.

Searchable IG Name

Not establishing your name via the Instagram bio. That’s a problem if you’re extremely influential. It’s 2022 and it’s not hard to do.

Use searchable keywords in your Instagram name, customarily used by customers to find you on the platform. It is incredibly easy.

Use Niche Keywords

You can add key terms or names to your username, but then you might be missing out on a lot of relevant traffic. Use niche keywords in your bio and you might get more search and follower love.

Masterpiece in IG Bio Link

This is your sales page or landing page – people will remember you, so make sure you add a link where they can discover you, your products, and your services as well.

Highlight your Skill and Niche

Who do you help? What makes you unique? What are the stats of who you helped? 

Have your skills or any insights you’ve had that could be of benefit to future followers. But remember, sell without being too salesy. 

To sum up — Instagram bios are a great free marketing tool for businesses, but only when they’re well-written, interesting and engaging. You never know — using these subtle and simple tips might lead to increased traffic to your website and ultimately more conversions!

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