What’s trending for Social Media Marketing in 2022 and beyond?

What’s trending for Social Media Marketing in 2022 and beyond?

For Social Media Marketing, 2021 has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride – but in 2022 SMM is going to be bigger, stronger and bolder. 

It’s always been all about the people and the technology. It’s also about the marketing strategies, business branding, and the algorithms that attain the best, most optimal outcomes for marketers.

Are you interested in working on your social media strategy for the year ahead? 

Here are some social media trends to watch out for;

Boosting of Short-form video content

Most people download and upload TikTok videos and IG reels and the Short videos will dominate social media marketing in 2022. 

Shopping on Social Media

Online shops are everywhere. Shopping became virtual during the new normal, and social media became popular as a shopping outlet. 

Bite-sized content 

People spend more time on social media, but they are spending less time on engagement. Some say our attention span is around 3-8 seconds, so savvy digital marketers are adjusting to this by offering bite-sized content.

User generated content is booming

Businesses are now mixing user generated content with their content marketing because they believe that UGC is most likely to convert. 

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