How to Use Instagram Live to Build Your Brand & Engagement

How to Use Instagram Live to Build Your Brand & Engagement

Instagram has been blowing up with live video lately, and brands are using this feature to promote their products and services, connect with their audience and engage with users to create opportunities to grow. 

If you’ve been on the hunt for how to use Instagram Live to grow your brand, reach out to customers, and attract new connections, don’t worry. We’re here for you. In fact, we want to let you in on how your brand can start using Instagram live now!

Instagram Live: Why It’s Good For Business

Instagram Live isn’t a new feature of Instagram. It actually came to the scene in 2016. But because of the increased demand for it in 2020, Instagram Live may need a quick refresher among its users. Not to be confused with Instagram Stories or Instagram TV, Instagram Live is entirely its own thing. It is a live streaming feature on Instagram that allows users to stream themselves unedited and in real-time. And with every live program, audiences or, in this case, followers can tune in. They can even comment and react directly, and share during the Live. 

And if the potential engagement alone isn’t enough to incorporate Instagram Live into your brand’s overall marketing strategy, here are our reasons that are sure to convince you.

1.It’s Live

Instagram Live is Live. That means audiences are tuning in to you, unedited and unproduced. And that’s the beauty of Instagram Live. It’s raw. It’s real-time. There are no re takes, no added effects, and no sugar coating. It’s just you, your business or brand, and your followers engaging with each other like never before.

2.It’s Personal

But while there is something to be said about being Live on Instagram, it goes beyond that as well. Instagram Live is also very personal — because it is intimate — with the audience or follower base. They get a peek into the life of your business or brand, what makes you tick, and how you engage with them directly. 

And this helps create a human connection between you and your followers that seems increasingly difficult in today’s digital age. The feature also encourages conversation by allowing users to comment and react during your live stream — making for an even more intimate experience for both parties involved. 

3.Instagram Live Can Give You Valuable Insight Into User Behaviour

The fact that Instagram Live allows users to engage directly with you without any filters makes it relatable as it allows users to ask questions and make comments while watching the stream. So if you notice a trend in the questions being asked or comments being made, you can use that information as insight into what your audience is interested in and want more information on. Then, use this information to create content around those topics.

4.Instagram Live Is More Casual Than Other Types of Content

Because Instagram Live is unedited and streamed in real-time, it has a more casual feel than other types of content on Instagram. This gives brands the opportunity to voice out freedom, give valuable content that can build a community and to have fun with the followers. 

Go Live With Instagram! 

Instagram live story has quickly become the most important way to drive engagement, grow a following and sell your products or services. The live stories feature is growing and here’s how you can leverage it even if you’re new to Instagram.

Before Instagram Live

  • Tap the “Live” icon to start your broadcast, making sure you have a strong and stable internet connection.
  • The number of viewers shows up at the top of your screen. You will also see all your viewers’ comments as they come in. 

Before Instagram LiveBefore Instagram Live

During Instagram Live

  • Once your live is underway, you can choose from a number of features to make your broadcast more engaging: questions, add a guest, add filters, direct message, share a photo, and add a comment.

During Instagram Live

After Instagram Live

  • Once your Live is over, tap “End” in the top right corner and then “End Now” to confirm. 
  • From here, you can tap the save icon in the top left to save it to your camera roll to re-use elsewhere. It’s that simple!

After Instagram Live

How will I know what to talk about on Instagram Live?

If you want to do Instagram Live right, there are a few ground rules you should follow. This isn’t just to make your life easier when you go live but it’s also to get the most benefit out of it. You don’t want to spend hours doing a Live that gets no love and has no viewers because you didn’t do it right in the first place, now do you?

Here are some tips for setting up your perfect Instagram Live:

  • Have a plan and stick to it – create a content plan to ensure you’ll be able to talk about all your keypoints. 
  • Make sure you have everything you need – from planning down to promotion, ensure you all have that. This also includes the set up where you stream, the background music you’ll use, your clothes and the most important is the internet connection you have. 
  • Have fun with it – be yourself and just enjoy your Instagram Live! 

In the end, what will ultimately make an Instagram live video effective? The answer is simple—it’s you. In order for your Instagram live streams to really resonate with your audience, it’s vital that you not only know what your brand wants to say but that you understand your audience as well. By focusing on both of these opportunities, your brand can use Instagram Live to grow and connect with its users. 

Instagram is always on the go, and it seems new updates are released every other day so if you need assistance with your business Social Media, book your FREE Discovery Call today!